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China is Apple's most critical supply chain: Tim Cook
  ·  2024-03-21  ·   Source: Xinhua News Agency

Apple CEO Tim Cook on March 20 reiterated the company's long-term commitment to the Chinese market, speaking during his ongoing visit to Shanghai. 

"There's no supply chain in the world that's more critical to us than China," Cook said, noting that Apple will strengthen its long-term cooperation with its Chinese supply chain partners and work closely with them on green and smart manufacturing to achieve win-win results. 

Cook's visit will coincide with the Thursday opening of a new flagship Apple store in Shanghai, which is set to become the company's second-largest retail store globally. 

On Wednesday, Apple held a sharing session with Chinese suppliers such as BYD, Lens Technology and Shenzhen Everwin Precision Technology Co., Ltd., showcasing their latest achievements and progress in smart manufacturing, green manufacturing and talent training. 

"We think about 2030, which is only six years away now. We want to be carbon neutral. So as a company, there will be a tonne of innovation required from both our partners and ourselves in order to achieve that. But I feel from being here today -- and from being here many, many times over the years -- that it's very doable," Cook said. 

Apple has been working on its development in China for over 30 years. Data shows that 151 of the company's 200 major suppliers have production activities in China. 

And the U.S. tech giant has been stepping up its investment in China continuously. Just last week, Apple announced that it will expand its applied research lab in Shanghai and establish a new lab in Shenzhen later this year.


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