Patriots govern Hong Kong
  ·  2022-05-16  ·   Source: NO.20 MAY 19, 2022

John Lee Ka-chiu was elected as the sixth-term chief executive designate of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) on May 8. This was the first such election after Hong Kong implemented its new electoral system, designed to ensure the SAR is governed by Hong Kong patriots, while enjoying autonomy under the policy of One Country, Two Systems.

After Hong Kong returned to the motherland in 1997, the One Country, Two Systems policy helped maintain its international status. However, many anti-China agitators who held public office exploited their elected positions to openly challenge the rule of law in Hong Kong. They carried out activities detrimental to China's national security and Hong Kong's prosperity and stability.

In March 2021, the National People's Congress, China's top legislature, adopted a decision on improving the electoral system in the SAR.

This year Hong Kong will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its return to the motherland. The chief executive being elected under the new electoral system will shoulder a great responsibility.

There are two major challenges that badly need to be addressed. The first is to contain COVID-19 in the SAR. The new administration must work to restore normal work and life in Hong Kong as quickly as possible.

The second is to maintain Hong Kong's upward trajectory. Pursuing stability and development remains the mainstream public consensus in Hong Kong, and the next five years will be critical for achieving these goals. The new administration needs to consolidate the current stable environment of the region, fix deep-rooted problems and lead Hong Kong to a new level of development.

Further integrating into the country's overall development will bring Hong Kong a broad space for development. The Central Government has vowed to support Hong Kong's efforts to enhance its status as an international financial, shipping, trade and aviation hub, and build it into an international innovation and technology center, an international legal and dispute resolution service center in the Asia-Pacific region and a regional intellectual property trade center. 

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