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Editor's Note
Before the Democratic Reform in 1959, Tibet was a society of feudal serfdom featuring temporal and religious administration, a society which was darker and more cruel than the European serfdom of the Middle Ages. Groaning under the rule of the three estate-holders of the officials, nobles and upper-class monks, the Tibetans lived in deep misery. In 1956, Chen Zonglie, 24, went to work in Tibet and remained there for 25 years. With his camera, he recorded all major events that took place in the political, economic, religious and cultural fields in the period from 1956 to 1980.
About the Photographer
Chen Zonglie
In his 25 years of stay in Tibet, Chen, former Beijing Review reporter, covered life of people in the urban, rural and pastoral areas, the Democratic Reform, and the economic construction in the region. He also covered the Chinese mountaineers who climbed to the top of the Qomolangma
Beijing Review Archives
50 Years After Tibetan Serfs' Emancipation
Temporal and Religious Administration
Four Galoins
Ngapoi Ngawang Jigmei
Potala Palace
Yellow Carriage
Geshi Degree Examination
Oracle Nechung
Norbu Lingka
Kashod Toinzhubp
Cherin Family
Dogar Puncog Rabgye
Snowland Event
Rebels Rallying
Rebels Rallying
'Tibetan Army'
Destroyed Roads
Burned Out Building
Armed Provocation
Support for the PLA
Travel Expenses
Pursuing Retreating Rebels
China's Mountaineers
A Shepherdess
Yamchin Medo
Living a Happy Life
Changtang Grassland
Nam Co Lake
Lhasa River Plain
Yarlung Zangbo River
The Mid-Lake Pavilion
Dragon King Pond
Minzhuling Monastery
Prostrating Herder
Dagoba Temple
Buddhist Temple
Northern Sagya Monastery
Gandain Monastery
Child Monks
Tashilhungpo Monastery
Tangka Scroll
Shoton Festival
Zhaxi Tonzhol
Cedai Zholma
Amateur Band
Wind Winnowing
Ancient Mansion
Yak Caravans
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